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Strategic Planning

As an educational consultant, Kathy works with lead teachers and administrators to identify target areas needing support. Together she assists them in designing an effective professional development plan that meets the needs of educators to ultimately improve student achievement.

Audience Configurations

Kathy works with any combination of educators necessary to meet the goals of individuals or groups within a school site or district. Based on the goals delineated, she can present to whole staffs, grade level groups, subject-specific teachers, individual teachers, or a combination of audience configurations.

Timing Options

There are various options in terms of the length of an individual session or the duration of professional development when Kathy works with educators. To meet the needs of some districts, Kathy presents on a one-time basis. But more often, she provides ongoing support to teachers to assist them in meeting their goals and for long-term success and efficacy. For example, she might provide a one to three day seminar to a large group and then work during the school year with grade level groups or teachers within a subject area to further their expertise. Assessing the needs of teachers and what expertise they currently have in a particular area will help determine the amount and duration of in-services or coaching.

"Kathy is a warm, generous, engaging, and enthusiastic presenter. She has been presenting workshops for teachers at our County Office of Education for many years and has a substantial following. She goes out of her way to tailor her sessions to the needs of the participants and willingly shares her lessons, units, materials, and resources with them. She is positive and encouraging and easily establishes professional relationships that facilitate learning and implementation of new strategies."
—Ruth Goldhammer, Peninsula Administrative Leadership and Support (PALP) Director

See "Professional Development Topics" for a listing of possible areas
of focus for professional improvement.

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