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"I can honestly say that I gained vital, applicable, and practical planning instruction from Kathy Glass that will continue to bear fruit as I develop and grow as a teacher. The best part of the training was that Kathy is an expert in her craft and she made us feel safe enough to ask any question--the mark of a great teacher. She is well-informed and caring. She not only teaches from her heart, but she teaches with passion. I wish I could study under her for a few years! If I could, I know without a doubt that I would teach and impact children much more effectively. She is a keeper who clearly helps educators improve their practice.”
—Brandy Sprattling, teacher, Alvina Charter Elementary School

"I continue to admire your incredible ability to take lots of information and distill it into a concise & coherent format. Thanks for all your hard work with our teachers - they love working with you and the results are a testimonial to the power of teamwork!"
—Anne Campbell, Superintendent/Portola Valley School District

"Kathy shows a tremendous wealth of curriculum knowledge and a wide range of successful instructional delivery ideas, which she clearly tailored to the varying curriculum needs at each grade level. The greatest payoff from Kathy's workshop has been our instructional team's heightened enthusiasm and inspiration to develop curriculum that reaches all students, through well-organized, student-friendly lessons. I recommend Kathy's workshop to any school or professional group interested in creating or extending their instructional programs around any of her areas of expertise."
—Nancy Hendry, Principal/Menlo Park City School District

"Kathy is a warm, generous, engaging, and enthusiastic presenter. She has been presenting workshops for teachers at our County Office of Education for many years and has a substantial following. She goes out of her way to tailor her sessions to the needs of the participants and willingly shares her lessons, units, materials, and resources with them. She is positive and encouraging and easily establishes professional relationships that facilitate learning and implementation of new strategies."
—Ruth Goldhammer, Director/Peninsula Administrative Leadership and Support (PALP)

"Kathy's confidence in herself, and with teachers, really makes collaborating a wonderful process. She flexes, twists, and bends her curriculum talents beyond the norm of education. Collaborating with Kathy has helped me become a creative and sharper teacher."
—W. Frederick, Classroom Teacher/ Portola Valley School District

"Kathy is amazing. Her ability to process information and to give it back - helping to design curriculum is a gift. It would be great if she continues to directly work with our teachers."
—A. Pulliam, Resource Specialist Teacher/Hillsborough School District

"Kathy is an excellent resource. She provides very useful handouts - very task specific to reinforce ideas taught. She is extremely knowledgeable and very well-organized. She tailored the workshop to our needs. Bring her back."
—L. Townsend, Classroom Teacher/Hillsborough School District

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